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17 March 2010 @ 09:10 pm
oh my goodness  
I just spent the last hour reading ontd_ai's TMI/secondhand embarrassment post. I'm meant to be writing my English speech and doing Maths homework. I hate saying FML, but it seems oddly appropriate.

BUT IT'S HILARIOUS. I can't stop laughing!

Well, I am waiting for Chuck to download. Chuck discussion instead. Well, more like a rant.

Beware, I'm sounding like an idiot because I can't even remember my evidence. It's one of these "What is this, I don't even" moments that could fabricate a real response.

So, what was the point of saying that Sarah's real name was Sam? I'm pretty freaking sure that that was only an alias, offered to her when she was offered a spot in the CIA, "How would you like to be Sarah Walker?" or something. And her REAL name was Jenny, and even then, we knew that she'd undergone several aliases because of her family and how they operated? Like, really? "Oh, my name's Sam. Your life sucks now." What kind of climax is that?

What makes it worse is that they didn't even MENTION IT in the next episode. It didn't have any effect whatsoever on Chuck OR Shaw. Seriously, where did that argument of yours go?

BUT, if they do mention it the yet-to-be-seen tenth episode, well, my bad.
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