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Oh, you fabulous thing.
08 March 2010 @ 04:01 pm
I haven't seen it all, but I have heard a bit. I just saw the last 6 minutes, meaning Best Director and Best Picture.
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I think I just want picture of the red carpet. I've only seen Johnny Weir, KStew and the crowd - so much fabulous!

Actually, I'm reading the Oscars post at fashin, so that may suffice. Pictures, anyone?

Oh yeah, I think my love for Johnny Weir just grew by a million after reading his comments on Adam Lambert. If he does perform to one of Adam's songs, hopefully Voodoo, I will fall in love with both of them. Or admire them from afar, like usual.
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
06 March 2010 @ 08:56 pm
If you haven't guessed by the title or song, I seriously cannot stop listening to Voodoo. this comm has lyrics and stuff to it. I want to download it, but I should probably pay for it...

- Computer~ It died, the useless thing... And I've had to reinstall some stuff, even though Dad said it was all good. Plus he blamed me, like usual >< I don't do anything, seriously.

- More slightly related computer stuff My friend recommended grooveshark to me, and I have been using it over Last.fm because it has stuff I don't and it's pretty epic.

- Glee Inspired Clothes I'm sorry...WTF?! No. Just no. Don't even go there.

- American Idol S9 I can't even watch it, it's that bad. Some chick who got eliminated couldn't even sing The Climb. I mean, COME ON, IT'S A MILEY CYRUS SONG.

- Alice In Wonderland My friends and I are going to see it next Sunday :D So, I don't want spoilers even though one of my friends has seen it which annoys me.

- Chuck vs. Dollhouse~ Go! It's just some voting thing. jsyk, Glee and Chuck are losing.

- Back to Voodoo I love it, it's so fabulous. Not only do I hope Sam Sparro has something out soon, I love their collaboration. OTP much? It reminds me of old, Digital Glitter and Fonzerelli and the Citizen Vein Adam.

- John Barrowman on Glee?! Apparently JB is meeting with Ryan Murphy sometime to figure out a role. THAT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE.

- Skating fans! Somehow, I found ontd_skating, and I know a few of you are fruitloops for Johnny Weir, and I think they pretty much love him, and it's an ice-skating-centric comm, so yeah.
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
03 March 2010 @ 08:11 pm
I think I want to sell my hair. It's getting really long, about 14 inches or something, and apparently it would be an awesome idea to sell it because wig makers and kids with cancer need it.

Also, I saw a post about the University of Sydney conducting a study on Australians and porn addiction.

"Viewing porn online becomes a major problem only when people become so preoccupied that they spend 16 to 18 hours a day doing nothing else but watching porn, with serious impacts on relationships, work, studies, and finance,"

WTF?! What are these so-called jobs? Yeah, this was on Good News Week, btw.

At school, we made surveys for Society & Culture. It's all about the Winter Olympics, so if you're interested, it's only 10 questions. And it's here.

And my music's gone all retarded. It deleted itself, then came back. Last.fm doesn't seem to like me. This girl keeps talking to me on Facebook and she's pretty annoying...

Yeah, that's life.
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
01 March 2010 @ 09:54 am
Even though the end of the Olympics makes me kind of sad, I totally can't wait for Chuck and The Big Bang Theory to come back.

As in, today will be pretty epic. Besides school and stuff...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, me and my Extension English class are seeing Wicked! I think it's March 24 or something...

And my friends and I are going to see Alice in Wonderland at IMAX this weekend.

Yeah, life is good. I hope I don't jinx it...

EDIT: Just went on fandomsecrets, and found this. It's not mine...

johnny weir
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
26 February 2010 @ 04:49 pm
My brother is watching My Name Is Earl. I miss that :D

- Chem Homework I hate Chem homework. My teacher really doesn't like me. How the hell am I to survive this when I feel like screaming at him? Oh yeah, I have to email him our homework, but I haven't yet. Again, I prefer LJ to homework.

- Adam on Twitter He is following Justin Bieber WTF?! Oh yeah, following Johnny Weir makes up for it. I ship this too...

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- Haiku gleeverse has a haiku challenge, but idk whether or not to enter since I need to practice my writing, but I can't really...

- Meme
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
25 February 2010 @ 08:04 pm
If you haven't guessed already, I'm pretty happy.

-Adam Lambert on Johnny Weir I was at school, in my free period and I decided to Google Johnny Weir, y'know, just to find out a few things about him and what not, and I came across the Access Hollywood article that was posted today. I almost cried. I was sitting in the library, back towards my friends and this proud, "ohmygosh" kind of thing just made me want to cry.

-Adam Lambert coming to Australia *is dead* NUFF SAID.

-Zoolander 2 Oh my gosh, that is so epic! I cannot wait for Zoolander 2 because it is just classic! And wow, askars (or whatever stupid variation) looks so twinky, I would adore him.

-The Hangover My friend borrowed it to me :D I love this movie, no matter how much everyone hates it, I did too, at first. Oh yeah, plus it has Bradley Cooper in it, so yeah.

-Gossip Girl I finished Season 1! Sweet Jesus, it's so good. I mean the acting, and luckily, I know most of what happens in Season 2, but my friend will give me the DVD tomorrow.

-Homework... Knowing me, I'm procrastinating by doing this post. I have Chemistry homework and and English exam tomorrow. Oh dear...
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
23 February 2010 @ 03:21 pm
Me and my friend are having an epic argument about Adam Lambert and Matt Bellamy (from Muse). Obviously, I'm on Adam's side, because why the hell wouldn't I?

So, we're arguing about who has the better vocal range and who is the better singer - Adam or Matt. I'm on Adam's side because I honestly don't think Matt has the epic, testes-pinching ability Adam does, and after watching Season 8 of American Idol, I like what I hear. Of course, my argument is all about how unique Adam is and how well he can sing, he can do what others can't. I've never really heard a comparison of Matt to Adam, but I'd like to know.

"Adam Lambert - C#3 to A#5, Matt Bellamy - A#2 to A#5. Adams about 2 and a half octaves and Matts 3. But they can go as high as each other!!"

She says...
"After seeing that video i honestly think their the same. Listen to the end of Plug In Baby, Micro cuts and 3:40 seconds on Megalomania!! And the very very end of Take A Bow!!! Its so high u can barely hear it!!"

I say...
"yo, i'm pretty sure that bit in Megalomania isn't him, unless he layered his voice over the top. it sounds a bit fake.

anyway, idek what i'm listening out for in Matt, I can barely hear it and it doesn't even sound like him.

oh yeah, and he sounds awful most of the time. his head voice is weak and that's all he can use for those notes. he can't really belt it like adam, but he does have a good falsetto.

actually, you should hear adam's rendition of starlight.

i think for matt's highest notes (like, good ones), listen to United States of Eurasia, at 1:28 and City of Delusion at the same-ish time."

And, this article makes him seem like a "modern day Mercury".

So, whose side are you on? Oh yeah, and if I ship it by the end of the day, slap me or ship it too.
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
22 February 2010 @ 06:46 pm
After a full agenda over the weekend, I didn't have any time to post or comment or anything...and I just had a nap.

-Tropfest! Under the cut, because I wanted to write a lot. There's quite a story about epic people and fun times.

-Johnny Weir I'm still not happy about the Olympics. I think that's enough, or I'll start a rant.

- I think I love accents. British accents especially - this stems from one of my Tropfest stories. Went into 7-11 to ask the guy at the counter if he knew where to get sushi, he didn't, but the guy he was serving did. Yeah, I feel in love with that guy. Perhaps it was lust, but whatever it was, it was awesome.

-thesoverignty is doing a treasure hunt thingy, but I don't know if I could be bothered. It's in partners, and as much as I'd love to do it, I don't know...
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
20 February 2010 @ 10:01 pm
- Johnny Weir. Let's not get me started. I am not a fan of homophobia, but in light of his unfair judging and certain comments from Eddie Macguire - Channel 9 boss - he can still manage to be presh and sit there and say he'd like to come to Australia and forgive Eddie right there, blowing him a nice little kiss too.

- Tropfest. Wow, I'm so excited. So, it's tomorrow, and for those that don't know, it's the world's largest short film festival. My mum is all like "If you don't do this, you can't go" >< AND HOODOO GURUS ARE PLAYING AND IT MAKES MY DAD JEALOUS. I know that makes me seem like an old fart, but I like them. They inspire me.

- Gossip Girl Season 1. I'm about half way through, and I have a new icon. It did mean I had to get rid of Luke Steele, but I hope to have him back. I think I have to make room for Johnny Weir...that's not Gossip Girl related, though.

- Icons & elite icon communities. I did have to go through my friends page and I read a post from a Sov that thinks elite icons communities are stupid. I sort of agree, but I'm no major icon maker. I do it for fun, because, honestly, I operate differently. It's a a bunch of pixels that can be disposed of at the click of a button! It's not a masterpiece. Get a life. Ok, that's a bit far...

- BRADAM. Really? Wow. Cheeks is so cute, if I can say so myself. It sort of reinforces the notion that I am obsessed with gay men, but...oh well.

- Ew, buzzkill. Adam Lambert kissing Ke$ha? See my tags. I made a new tag for posts that I make new tags in. Oh, and Ke$ha, I don't care if he tastes like champagne and rainbows, GET YOUR WORTHLESS TWAT AWAY FROM HIM. /rant
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Oh, you fabulous thing.
18 February 2010 @ 08:05 pm
Sort of. I finished my prompt for gleefics exchange, but a week late. Good work...

We had "U Turn the Wheel" at school today, which was basically this full-day thing where policemen and stuff come and and teach us about driving. I know they said they didn't want to put us off, but they did, ever so slightly.

Actually, every time someone mentions driving, I think about how much I'm procrastinating. Me + Procrastinating = BOOM!

OMG! etacanis! Guess what? My friend Steph - crazy coincidence - and I were talking about Johnny Weir today! She was describing this guy wearing this thing with pink tassels, then I started to talk about you and this fierce-as figure skater and yeah. It was a good moment.

And, I'm watching Gossip Girl Season One! I am filled with happiness!
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